Water Park
The Resort main attractions is its Water Park. Try our ‘splashtacular’ Water Park specially designed for fun and excitement with your family and friends and you won’t miss enjoying the Water Park that featuring Giant Coconut Fall, Lazy River, Aqua Play, Stone Bridge, Tipping Coconut with Kidding Slide, Poolside Grotto, and Relaxation Gazebos.

Team Building Park
The 14 acres of Team Building Park provide our visitors more on outdoor activities. The activities can be arrange with our team, specialise in organising team building activities such as water rafting, survivor experience, obstacle course, explorace, treasure hunt, paintball and more. You will also experience the nature of the forest such as bird watching, camping, jungle trekking and lake fishing.

High Ropes
The high ropes include a seven element obstacle course built on wooden pillars and natural wild trees with 13 meters 42 feet’s can be tackled by groups or individuals, with the supervision of our excellent trainers and crew. The course is suitable for adults and children over 10 years of age or children taller than 150cm and includes the necessary safety equipment.

Obstacle Course
The training course is filled with obstacles, such as low element activities which compliment team work, strategies, planning, coordination, support, self confidence and self motivation. The courses are suitable for individuals or groups to meet their own organisational needs or can be applied as an obstacle race.

Pond Water Rafting
This group activity is geared to bring out the creativity of the participants by building their own raft using recycle items such as drums, plastic pipe sand string, to meet their goal achievement as members of the team. These will support creativity, multi tasking, team work, and supportive strategies within the organisation.

With complete safety equipment, participants are exposed to ‘real’ war field and combat situations where individual group objectives are met. This game is suitable for groups requiring improvement on team spirit, planning and coordination.

Flying Fox
The team building park tenders a true flying fox crossing the lake from one point to another. This is geared to improve the individual confidence and self-challenge of the participants.

Kayaking has everything to do with getting you on the water. It is an individual or group activity which is met by the activity objective with single and double kayaking activities. These activities can be organised as a race or group activity. Join for our fun salt marsh paddle with no experience necessary, only the desire for unforgettable adventure on the water.

Jungle Trekking (Day or Night)
Explores our single jungle treks through our rainforest accompanied by our experienced and informative resident naturalist. The walk offers a fascinating insight into spectacular rainforest, crossing the ponds, rivers, hills and some of our natural obstacles. This jungle trekking is available during day or night and suitable for adults and children over 10 years.

Group activities with overnight tents, camp fire, cooking with security and marshals provided. Suitable for group program, attached with some night activities.

Night Drops
It is another Jungle trekking group activities that does not involve voices of the participants. The activities are conducted in a silent manner to enhance the team’s trust, confidence and self-motivation. The participants will later be brought out from the track and the individual experience will be shared among the team.

Management Games
Management games are a group activity which is carried-out in the jungle or any other area. It begins with ice-breaking activities and ends with some practical activities. The group or individual’s public speaking, team work, confidence, and trust will be enhanced.

Pond Fishing
Live fresh water fishing activities at the lake. Suitable for the individual, families or groups of friends. Equipment such as fishing rods and baits are provided.

Insect catching
Discover variety of vibrant local insects by a walk through the jungle and catch whatever insects found. The perfect opportunities to learn about bug’s life that is almost been forgotten.

Monkey Feeding
Monkey feeding are seasonal activities; depending on the weather conditions that involves the participants to feed the monkeys with fruits and peanuts.

Bird Watching
There are many reasons to participate in the bird watching; however the main reason is that you'll gain a better understanding of these creatures and the diversity of our country. This opportunity allows you to observe the types and the species of birds, depending on the time and weather during the activity. The joy of bird watching is that you’ll receive special satisfaction from attracting birds. However, if you have never participated, you may want to try it now.

Extreme Challenge Group
Extreme Challenge Group is an activity which is carried-out in the team building park. This activity involves physically strength. Extreme challenge compliments on team work, strategies, planning, coordination, supporting, confidence and motivation. This event is suitable for corporate groups to meet their own organisational needs.

For more info and group activities, please call:
Sales & Marketing Department (ext. 1968)
Events & Recreation Department (ext. 1911)

Lotus Suria Ayurveda Spa
Check-out our Lotus Suria Ayurveda Spa. Lotus Suria Ayurveda Spa is a sanctuary of seclusion from daily life. This centre offers you a unique blend of various treatments for the preservation of health and cure of diseases in a natural way that Ayurveda proposes of pure refreshment breath, a relaxation of the soul, and a revival of a pure journey. The spa is provided with a well-facilitated Ayurvedic Spa, headed by eminent Ayurvedic Physicians and well experienced therapists, expert masseurs and other medical staffs.