About Us

Welcome to Lotus Desaru Beach Resort. "The resort for all reason". Lotus Desaru Beach Resort is surrounded with water; this internationally known beach is the most popular beach along the east-coast in the district of Kota Tinggi. It has a stretch of about 26km of pristine, white sandy beach and fringed with palm trees. Desaru, Johor is a popular beach resort and hence a major tourist destination in Malaysia.

“Desaru” means “Village Of Casuarinas” or palms. A malay word "Desa" which means village and “Ru” is the local name for Casuarinas. While Desaru may not be as secluded as it used to be, or as unpopulated, there is still an unspoiled and unmistakable pristine nature about the place. Its 22 kilometers of sand offer all the amenities or solitude anyone can expect, and an additional benefit of glistening waves on one side, and unspoiled jungle on the other.

Of course several resort hotels complexes dot the Desaru landscape, but in between most visitors will never have been so in touch with the wild.
Lotus Desaru Beach Resort invites guests to design the vacation of their choice in a tropical seaside setting - whether they fancy an activity-filled holiday, a relaxing retreat, or even a mix of a little business with pleasure on the side. It's not just a resort that you can relax and unwind, it's also a place where you can have fun with your kids and love ones. Try our ‘splashtacular’ Water Park specially designed for fun and excitement with your family and friends, don’t miss to enjoy our Water Park that features Giant Coconut Fall, Lazy River, Aqua Play, Stone Bridge, Tipping Coconut with Kiddy Slide, Poolside Grotto, and Relaxation Gazebos.

Aside from this, we have expanded our facilities to create more fun and activities for the guest. The 14 acres of Team Building Park, takes your pleasure in an all-out fun with full of adventure and education. Our team specializes in organising team building activities such as water rafting, survivor experience, obstacle course, explorace, treasure hunt, paintball and more. Experience the nature of the forest with your friends with diverse tranquil activities such as bird watching, camping, jungle trekking and lake fishing.

Be relaxed and loosen with our newly opened "Lotus Suria Ayurveda Spa” that will rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Our Spa offers a unique blend of various treatments for the preservation of health and cure of diseases in a natural way that Ayurveda proposes.

Of all those places you’ve been which attempted to blend nature with modern convenience; most could not live up to Desaru and the other remoteness along Malaysia’s eastern coast. Yes, nearly the entire length of the Malay peninsular is pristine beach.